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This Land holds many adventures, many wonders, and many secrets, some horrible and others beyond belief. Acts of heroism, romance, and fierce combat will unfold before you, like lotus petals, to nourish…

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Phoenix Reborn

The sky flaming red from the villages that burned down. Though was days ago, air was still a mist of poisonous smoke that took the breath away from every living thing. Ashes flew in the air above, dancing in the soft winter wind.

The War of the Nine Dragons seemed to be ended, leaving behind a land full of sorrow. Nearby a little village in the province of Wu Tang Shan, villagers gathered their belongings with tears crawling down their faces. I was trying to rise from the ground and walk towards them, but my body didn't seem to listen. I could feel my body forcing to reach for a breath of fresh air, but the smoke was too thick. Soon everything went dark and when I woke up, I found myself lying in silk sheets in some cottage. On a table near the bed were strange bottles with colored potions, each with a different scent.

A man with blue wardrobe walked in the room a few minutes after I woke up. he presented himself as Hu Laodai. He was the doctor of Bayun Village from Wu Tang Shan. Told me he had found me on the road to Zengzhou, with little life left in me. He treated my wounds and gave me a strange violet fruit, sweet as the rising dawns. Was known in the land as the elixir for strength, meant to bring back one's strength, also giving the required abilities to use a weapon.

A few hours later I found myself back on my feet, ready to face the world again. I wasn't sure I want to face it just yet. Pieces of the most horrible images haunted my conscience.
I decided to sleep until the next day, hoping the dawns of a new day would banish the horrible memories. I hoped in vain, yet I started to find the doctor's occupation more than interesting. I started to watch how he heals the wounded and how he prepares the healing potions. Took me on a hill nearby and showed me a few herbs with healing power. We picked few calendulas and dried them back in the little cottage. He taught me few skills to help me regain my strength without the help of a doctor. Also I could help others.

After years of apprentice-hood he sent me to Master TianXing, the elder. A master of the wu tangs, respected by all disciples of the white clan that forged it's history upon the land of Wu Tang Shan.
I went to Master TianXing and he told me the story of his kind, then asked me if I want to join them and continue the tradition. After the war few disciples were left to carry the lessons of the Wu Tang Clan, and they could use every willing young soul. I was more than happy to hear that I can become a wu tang, and was determined to follow the path I had chosen without looking back.
Since I was found in the ashes of the burned villages, I received the title of Red Phoenix, as the bird that reborn from it's own ashes, healing itself. From this day forward, the lessons I learned from doctor Hu Laodai, and the skills Master Changfeng thought be after I became a wu tang apprentice, were to be my path to follow, helping the disciples of the land.

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