This is a story of a land you know... and a land you do not know. The Land where Martial arts chivalry was born. A story of Nine Clans… Nine lost Heroes… and Nine Heroes yet to be found. This is the Ming Dynasty — The Era of Nine Dragons.

This Land holds many adventures, many wonders, and many secrets, some horrible and others beyond belief. Acts of heroism, romance, and fierce combat will unfold before you, like lotus petals, to nourish…

The seeds of The Dragon within you.

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Friday, August 28, 2009


It was a dark cold evening in the mists of Bloody Plains.
Nothing different from the usual evening there lately. There was a war going on for several months between disciples of the black clans and those of the white clans.

Were but four powerful leagues battling for supremacy. Destiny and its sworn sister, UnitedForces, were the greatest alliance of the black clans that the Land had ever seen. Their opponents were the Imperial Army and the Storm Riders. Mischiefely and without any knowledge of fairness, the white alliance was backstabbing anyone who didn't played by their rules.

That's where our story begins.
As a peaceful disciple thought and trained in the art of healing, I did not cared for how the war was going on but cared for the wounded offering them my help through the aid of the skills I have learned in my path for enlightenment.

I also did not cared which side I'm helping for I was able to attend to most wounded disciples from both sides.
But the white alliance was not just blinb, but seemingly brainless. After carrying for their people and giving them more strenght and dexterity with the help of my skills, they saw I was attending an injured member of UnitedForces league. None other than Shiva, the same disciple of the demons who not very far back tried to take my life and gain his karma. Faith brought us on a more friendly base, for now, after both realising is not a good thing to fight eachother, we became close friends.

Naturaly, being my friend, I tried my best to help him. But he was too young and his skills and strenght were too low for the opponents he was fighting.
And as a member of tyhe white alliance who were fighting UnitedForces saw me giving Shiva the help of my healing skills, she suddenly became enraged and attacked me cowardly. I was still young, and I was too weak. I had no intentions of fighting and I was only there to help those in need. It was fast, but the anger it caused me lasted too long. I was not just upset. I was furious. Furious because I saw how cowardly some people can be to attack a peaceful, harmless healer. I was enraged and my thoughts couldn't keep a straight line, so my words came out confusing.

Shiva quickly saw the state I was in and was determined to change it. To calm me down. He tried telling me I shouldn't care and the best thing to do is to ignore those coward people and enjoy my time there however I want. It was a nice attempt, but I didn't calm down enough.

Few minutes later I heard a loud noise... it was one of those ravashing roars that scream across the Land so everyone can hear. That fearful roar was for me...
It was Vision, a disciple of the brotherhood, who had the ability to scream that loud. His words were a threat to the one who just caused me such anger. A threat that was soon fulfilled by Vision, Shiva, and the other members of the black alliance. The coward payed ten times more for what she had done.

That moment was decisive. I knew I had to meet the one named Vision and let him know I'm greatful for the revenge he had brought me.

My quest began... searching for that one disciple of the brotherhood who made all the anger go away with such a simple gesture.
Few days have passed and I was still searching with no luck. But luck is a funny thing. It comes when you least expect it.

It was at the gates of Hefei when I heard someone talking to Vision. He knew me just like I knew him - common friends. He remember who I was when I went next to him to greet him.
Was just like I imagined. Tall, strong, a handsom thief playing with his axe like it was a tiny knife and easy as the air.
And from that day on, Vision and I became friends, meeting occasionaly throughout the Land, me, him and Shiva, spending some time together, talking about all the nonsense in the world.

It's been almost a year since I've met him. But I still remember that day like it was yesterday.
Right before he gave his last strikes with the axe into the enemie lines, I told him he will be remembered for he is a legend.
I wondered today if that is true or if he's a legend just for a handful of people who had the chance to meet him.
Soon after that, Vision disappeared from the face of the Land, leaving his legacy to those who came after, remaining always a legend... at least for me.
The thief with the kind heart...

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