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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Friends and Foes - part II

Ever since that day in Lushan Village when Arashi killed the disciple of the shadow who threatened BlooM's life, us three stayed together and continued our journeys as friends.
Years have passed since that day, years of training and fighting ferocious beast or vicious disciples who had forgotten their beliefs, giving their souls to the shadows of darkness.
The five dragon guardians have not yet left me, and kept protecting me and my friends through our travel.

A sunny summer day ahead of us was expecting to be embraced. BlooM was sent to the Hefei Marketplace to search the man who was to show him where to go next. As we arrived at the Duel Registration, where a pretty little lady waited warriors to test their skills, a rich man was wandering through the market. His lost and greedy eyes seemed to have caught us in sight and he approached us. He presented himself and asked for BlooM to follow him for he had something to ask. With soft and pretended voice he told a story about his beautiful lady who he had promise to give a gift that would match her looks. Kept promising rich rewards if BlooM would bring him the flowers which grew in the heart of the Bloody Plains, so sympathetic we almost believed his grief. Even if the request as a bit odd and came from a greedy man, our rising Blue Dragon accepted the challenge thinking he had nothing to loose and no harm will be done to no one from the rich man's request. But soon as we left the house, an old man whit tears in his eyes stopped us and told us an unheard version of the story we were just told by the greedy man. The flowers were a powerful medicine which could cure his only daughter and save her life, but they are very rare and hard to get since Bloody Plains were not called this way for no reason. That place was filled with dangers and death was the supreme commander there. But saving a life was more important than surviving in an unknown place.

I have been there once and I knew a little more than BlooM what expects up there, so I decided to help him get the flowers for the old man's daughter. As we walked towards the Bloody Plains, I told BlooM a few things about what I saw there when I went, asking him to stay close to me for I can help him survive in the storm that surrounded the sights. But, as before, eager to see for himself, he didn't listen and left ahead of me. When I arrived I was instantly filled with sadness and rage for BlooM was already lying dead on the ground. A disciple of the black clans had ended his life before he could even reach to the place where the flowers grow. I looked at him, not knowing what to do. I was yet unable to help him in the state of death, I had much left to learn untill I could bring back his soul to his body. So mad I could not see the dangers approaching me. A disciple of the people who once were ruled by the Emperor Heavenly Demon, with skills of great power that requested a great coordination of the mind with the storming fires of his heart, attacked me while I was trying to figure out what to do next. I was so scared I could not move. The laughter of the man who killed us both reached the bottoms of my souls, echoing still strong even after he had left and could not see him anymore. Blinded by death I could not see who it was, but I could still feel my soul near me, and I decided not to let go. Our masters taught us how to call the spirits back and bring it to our bodies, and so, I asked the wind to carry my soul to the man who guarded the entrance to Bloody Plains. Like waking from a spell I looked around me and I saw the man who, just minutes ago, had killed me and my friend. Someone called him and I could hear the name spoken - Shiva. A demon born from the storms in the Mount Yanmo. He was still laughing with the same evil grin on his face that made me fear him more than death itself.
We left for the flowers, this time better prepared, and managed to return from Bloody Plains alive. The old man thanked us with joy in his heart, wishing us all the best for we had given him the greatest gift - his daughter's life could be restored and she could enjoy again the rising dawns or the setting sun of the evenings.

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