This is a story of a land you know... and a land you do not know. The Land where Martial arts chivalry was born. A story of Nine Clans… Nine lost Heroes… and Nine Heroes yet to be found. This is the Ming Dynasty — The Era of Nine Dragons.

This Land holds many adventures, many wonders, and many secrets, some horrible and others beyond belief. Acts of heroism, romance, and fierce combat will unfold before you, like lotus petals, to nourish…

The seeds of The Dragon within you.

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Sunday, August 31, 2008

General Liu

After seeing the horrors of the Bloody Plains I was determined never to set foot in that place ever again. But the missions I was about to carry disagreed with my intentions, and somehow the path always leaded to that disgraceful place where thirsty assassins were hunting their prey until the final stroke of a weapon ended the life of the victim. Sabers with blue flames smashed the crumbling bodies, spades were well handled by their owner, cutting the skies with the speed of lightnings, spears made from the finest steel were striking with feared, echoing screams as if the steel that was made of has come to life.

Guan Ding, the merchant from Hefei who carried the secrets of the Cave of the Conqueror once told me a story about the treasures that were buried in the darkest pit from the Land. A mysterious place filled with poisonous mist, trying in all its power to stop warriors from entering and moving any further, trying to keep its secrets sealed forever from the eyes of any man. I was sent there by my master to gather informations about the deviants that ruled the Cave.
I had to cross through Bloody Plains in order to reach the entrance to the Cave of the Conqueror, hours of fear made my senses sharpen in front of any moving shadow, thinking that would be my last breath of air. But somehow I managed to survive and entered the mysterious chamber in which unknown treasures waited to be found, despite the cave's will to keep them lost.

Few beggars with sparkling eyes of reddish fire approached me. This were not humans anymore, were but lost souls, disguised in the bodies who once fought for the freedom of the land, in the name of Hu Shanshan, The Flower of the League who so bravely challenged the Emperor Heavenly Demon, ending his life for the life of the clan's disciples. I walked forward into the maze, looking with care to remember the steps back, until I reached the door to a second floor. I had not imagine was more to this than a single floor with serpenting walls and confusing sights. Yet I opened the door and entered, when disciples of the Brotherhood tried to cut my way. Like the beggars before, this too were not disciples for the Brotherhood of Thieves Clan that we all knew, but ghosts of those who once were.

Several hour passed till I could find a new corridor to step on and look further for the chest I was told to open. "Near the demon's fist lies a chest of the protectors - the heavy infantry that once protected the True Generals are holding the key" The words Guan Ding had told me before I left were echoing in my thoughts, leading my way. I soon discovered the chest I had to open, but the key was still in the possession of the infantry army.. so I walked further. The path has cleared in front of me and soon I reached the gateway to the protector's corridors. Amazed my eyes to find this were not human, nor ghosts, but monsters sculpted in rock, with skills of human warriors. Living statues that wanted my life, but found their own ending for I was not ready to loose the battle. With powerful spells they tried to hold me to one place and drain the life out of me, but I was well trained and my skills were above their strength. I found the key at last, after defeating several bowmen warriors and returned to the chest I saw before. Not without danger I might add, since the demons around were trying to kill me, but opened the chest. A scroll that seemed to have been written ages ago, tied with strings of blue silk, still unharmed, was lying on the bottom of the chest. I picked the scroll and opened it, only to find it contained the legends of the terracotta army of the General Qin. Thousands of warriors of stone that guarded the General were buried in the pits of the cave.

With the Five True Generals in command, General Qin and General Liu fought in the War of Nine Dragons, only to protect their own treasure. The parchment said it was that day in the Bloody Plains, when General Liu lost his life when trying to protect General Wei from a decisive blow of a saber forged from the five elements. Felt in the pit and found his death in the heart of the Cave, while the Heavy Infantry surrounded him to stop any warriors from tormenting his soul. It is said its General Liu himself who haunts the caves, spreading the poisonous mist, still guarding General Wei.

I could feel the poison trying to take my breath away and end my days. The walls started dancing in front of me, but I remembered I had the mystic herbs that protected me from the poison, and rapidly took one. The air was clear again and I continued studying the scroll. Was a map hidden between the blue silk strings, a map that marked the place where General Liu rests his souls. I followed the trails to the place marked on the map, passed the living sculptures and there it was. Near the serpenting stairs, guarded by infantry, a vast abyss of darkness sustained the remains of the General. It was not just a legend, but a proof about the events that took place during the War of the Nine Dragons. I was thrilled and still scared from the discoveries, hurried to the doors for that place was to be remain silent and undisturbed for a long time.

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